Karuna Reiki

The Reiki system has never stopped to grow. William Lee Rand, in collaboration with a few of his best students, expanded his research and realised it was possible to dive deeper in the Ocean of Love. He developed the Karuna Reiki, a system of healing promoted by the International Centre for Reiki Training. Thanks to the ReiKEY, the Karuna Reiki system is available in Serbia.

“Karuna” is the Sanskrit word of “compassion” and it’s precisely compassion that makes Karuna Reiki practitioners different. Unlike the classic Reiki style, where an emphasis is on hands, Karuna Reiki centres on the very presence of the practitioner, exuding energy and peace. Karuna Reiki practitioners bring inner peace, and heal with unconditional love.

A Karuna Reiki initiation is not a substitute for a Usui Reiki initiation, but rather an upgrade. The Master Level of Reiki Usui is the minimum requirement for a Karuna initiation, which makes it clear how advanced a practitioner needs to be to be initiated into Karuna Reiki. In four Karuna Reiki initiations, a practitioner receives eight treatment symbols with special energy frequencies able to resolve problems at a very deep level.

Karuna Masters encourage people to get to the root of the problem, instead of dealing with consequences. Life offers myriad lessons that not only we can’t miss, but rather need to embrace on different spiritual, mental and physical levels. Karuna practitioners have specialised in detecting the problem, and are well-prepared for an effective, pro-active action.