The Reiki Principles

Mikao Usui gave us five principles, the basic postulates of Reiki, gradually developed into a code of ethics applied by every Reiki practitioner across the globe. These principles have nothing to do with religion or any form of affiliation, they are eternal and self-evident, formulated as a conduit to meditation.

Thoughts guide our energy. Love, compassion and commitment lie at the heart of Reiki. Having made a choice to live by the Reiki principles, we make up for the kindness the Reiki practicing has given to us, preserving the balance of the universe.

Kyo dake wa   –   Only today

Okolu-na   –   I will not be angry

Shinpai suna   –   I will not worry

Kansha shite   –   I will be grateful

Goo hage me   –   I will do my job honestly

Hito ni shinsetsu ni   –   I will love and understand others

Reiki didn’t necessarily give me what I wanted, but it has always given me what I needed – which are usually two different things!

Mikao Usui