Reiki Today

The use of Reiki is spreading rapidly throughout the world. Reiki Masters and Practitioners are on every continent, and in a growing number of states official healthcare institutions have recognised Reiki as an alternative healing method. Ours are very interesting times, when Reiki is not only combined with the principles of Western science, but they seem to prove its effectiveness.

Under the 2007 Healthcare Act, the Serbian healthcare ministry listed Reiki as one of the officially recognised methods. What this means is that a physician at your local health centre might recommend Reiki to you. On the other hand, there’s a large number of incompetent practitioners and frauds. A true Reiki Teacher will be able to produce a succession list of teachers at any time, tell you the name of the Teacher who initiated him and present his Reiki initiation certificate.

The ReiKEY association is part of the International Centre for Reiki Training, monitoring the work of the association, verifying out certificates and taking care that the Karuna Reiki system has been used consistently.